Lyrics to Still Alive
by Poverty's No Crime

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[edit]Song titleStill Alive
[edit]Artist namePoverty's No Crime
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You promised me
The whole world
In fact you're thinking
I'm a jerk

You tried to fool me
Like all the others
You brought me nothing
But pain and sorrows

Wait Till I come into my own
I let you feel all my
So watch out and stay away
You better believe me

You fooled me once
You fooled me twice
I was insane
'coz I took your advice

I lost my money
I lost my job
So take care honey
'coz I'm not your
friend anymore

I am screaming When I
think about you
I can't believe it
That I was such a fool

But now it's over
You won't hurt me again
I was so wrong
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I'm still alive
It's good to live
without your lies
I'm still alive
So you can kiss my
ass good bye

You've been my friend
You told me so
But this is really
Long ago

Why did you turn
Your back on me
You thought I'm stupid
O would not see it

Till I come into my own
I let you feel all my
So watch out and stay away
You better believe me

Now it's enough
You had your joy
It's my turn now
And I'm not coy

I show you how
Revenge can taste
I better start now
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Lyrics to Still Alive
by Poverty's No Crime

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