Lyrics to Show me
by Pretenders

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[edit]Song titleShow me
[edit]Artist namePretenders
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Show me the meaning of the word
Show me the meaning of the word
'Cause I've heard so much about it
They say you can´t live without it

Welcome to the human race
With its wars, disease and brutality
You with your innocence and grace
Restore some pride and dignity
To a world in decline

Welcome to a special place
In a heart of stone that´s cold and gray
You with your angel face
Keep the despair at bay
Send it away and

Show me the meaning of the word
Show me the meaning of the word
'Cause I've heard so much about it
I don't wanna live without it
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Oh, I want love
I want love
I want love

Welcome here from outer space
The Milky Way is still in your eyes
You found yourself a hopeless case
One that´s seeking perfection on earth
That´s some kind of rebirth, so

Show me the meaning of the word
Show me the meaning of the word
'Cause I've heard so much about it
Don't make me live without it

Oh, love
I want love
I want love
I want love
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Lyrics to Show me
by Pretenders

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