Lyrics to Rock the House
by Pretty Maids

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[edit]Song titleRock the House
[edit]Artist namePretty Maids
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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People always blame us for the
things we like to do
Ever since we jumped this wild
and wacko roundabout
Supersonic youth a restless
breed that remains
Our generation's outcast,
and we love it loud

If you wanna break up
If you got your mind made up
Cast away your foolish pride
Ready for take off
We're gonna shake it up
You let it rock, we'll let you ride

Rock the house
Push it to the limit
Rock the house
Tonight we're gonna loose control

I don't need no crack to keep my
feed above the ground
'Cause I'm all fired up with
an electric overdose
Find more similar lyrics on want to hear the sound of
screaming guitars
And the pounding beat of drums
that goes from head to toe

If you wanna break up
If you got your mind made up
Cast away your foolish pride
Ready for take off
We're gonna shake it up
You let it rock, we'll let you ride

Rock the house
Push it to the limit
Rock the house
Rock it till you loose control
You're gonna loose it

Rock is the drug
We've got enough to share
You want it. We got it
We've got the will to let it roll

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Lyrics to Rock the House
by Pretty Maids

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