Lyrics to Searching for Love
by Pretty Ricky

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[edit]Song titleSearching for Love
[edit]Artist namePretty Ricky
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We Can Do it Microsoft
Cause I Have That Hard Drive
Turn Me On and Get Computer Lovinll Night
Girl I Bet You Online
Now You On My Laptop (Laptop!)
Call Ya Boy a Masta
You On My Laptop

Slick Em:
You know what I'm lookin for
So make me beg for more
Make me say words, I've never said before
Like a Libra I can teach ya
How to blow thangs like Hurricane Rita
Oh what about a Canca a Romanca, a Danca
Sending me pictures all up in my Camera
Ain't shy like a Leo, but got standas
Stamina like a Taurus, I can't handle her
Some that's down to Earth like a Capricorn just hit me on my phone
Cause Gemini's tha bomb
They give love like a Tropical Storm
No Lie
I'm searchin for the Freakiest
freaks a freaks of all freaks
Scorpios, Virgos
Aries I gosta keep!

I'm Searchin for my Zodiac
sign, I'm on the chatline
And Sex is on my mind
I'm Searchin for her on e-Bay (e-Bay) x2

Capricorns and Aries
So juicey like chocolate covered Cherries
Brazil wax on that monkey never hairy
Make her hit a high note like Mary...J. Blige
I'mma freak and don't know why
Clothes off heels on always shy
Take this staddle off this horse
Jump on top and baby ride
Find more similar lyrics on, I'mma Virgo, just
in case you don't know
Play you like Nintendo
Baby I'mma Nympho

Baby Blue:
I'm lookin for a Zodiac Lova
Kodak that's sexy undercova
Girl let em take naughty pictures and
thne send to me by e-mail
I'm Baby Blue WHOA! Lick em high lick em low
Super freaky Leo, hit em then I'm gone
Lovin all night long, to a Pretty Ricky song
Love the Capricorns, cause they stay so horny
Sex in the mornin, sex in the evenin
All night longin n longin n longin, We bonin
And I love them Virgos, cause they
keep it on the down low
So I might go down low, if she
keeps it on the down low
You already know, so lets go!

I'm Searchin for my Zodiac
sign, I'm on the chatline
And Sex is on my mind
I'm Searchin for her on e-Bay (e-Bay) x2

Pleasure P:
I'm searching for a Zodiac freak
She ain't even gotta be my main lady
I'm lookin for a Pisces, girl
Cause the Pisces girls are so Freaky
I think I need a Capricorn, cause the
Capricorns never Tease Me
I'm lookin for a Zodiac Freak, A Zodiac Freak

I'm Searchin for my Zodiac
sign, I'm on the chatline
And Sex is on my mind
I'm Searchin for her on
e-Bay (e-Bay) til fade
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Lyrics to Searching for Love
by Pretty Ricky

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