Lyrics to Picture Game
by Prevent Falls

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[edit]Song titlePicture Game
[edit]Artist namePrevent Falls
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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moving goes by so fast in my mind.
and i know this new life.
you're not there.
discontent doesn't mean i need this.
future sleeps burning down over me.
i can't sleep.
bleeding on this picture of my life.
forget me.
the past is not changing.
there's a need to carry on.
looking back reputation steals away.
everything that i did.
Find more similar lyrics on you could think.
there's all these words unspoke.
everything you wished that we could be.
this can't move on.
i know it's what you wanted.
if you can't avoid another try.
this can't move on.
and now i see.
you were never really there for me.
wasted years i never would have wasted.
had i knew then what i know now.
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Lyrics to Picture Game
by Prevent Falls

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