Lyrics to Maybe
by Price of Blood

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[edit]Song titleMaybe
[edit]Artist namePrice of Blood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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People make mistakes,
We find that everything breaks
And it always is the same:
Gotta find someone to blame

And these errors that we make
(´cause we’re all human earthquakes)
Yeah, we made the hurricane,
Yet we’re not the ones to blame?

We point the finger even
though its not polite
we condemn the son of God
(we’re hoping two wrongs make a right)

Maybe it is them
Or, maybe it is me
Or maybe its Maybeline

People make mistakes
We took the apple for the snake
Find more similar lyrics on it always is the same:
Gotta find someone to blame

Our reputations were at stake
But the guilt we could not take
South America gone down the drain
The president’s at fault again?

We point the finger even
though its not polite
we condemn the son of God
(we’re hoping two wrongs make a right)

The truth is, excuses are lame
Accept consequence
Accept the blame
We’re all sinner

We’re all unclear
Maybe we’re born with it
Or maybe its Maybeline
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Lyrics to Maybe
by Price of Blood

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