Lyrics to Cindy c.
by Prince

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[edit]Song titleCindy c.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This song's about a high class model,
over in Paris, France (Oh, Cindy C)
If I get a camera,
Tell me will u dance (will u play with me?)
If I take a picture,
In the middle of the night (Oh, Cindy C)
Will u fuck with me,
sugar, say it's alright, c'mon
(will u play with me?)
(Say it, say it)

(Cindy C, play with me)
(I will pay the usual fee)
Aahhh Cindy C, (What's it gonna be?)
will u play with me? (What's it gonna be?)
(Cindy C, play with me)
(I will pay with usual fee)
Aahhh Cindy C, (What's it gonna be?)
I'll pay the fee (Cindy C)

Super-fine heifer (super fine)
I saw u in the Vogue
I knew you would be trouble, (trouble, trouble)
but why go (go,go)
I'll give you 7 sips of
Elderberry wine (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Maybe we'll unlock the
Secrets of your mind

(Cindy C, play with me)
(I will pay the usual fee)
Aahhh Cindy C, (What's it gonna be?)
will u play with me? (What's it gonna be?)
(Cindy C, play with me)
(I will pay with usual fee)
Aahhh Cindy C, (What's it gonna be?)
I'll pay the fee (Cindy C)

The passion's in the mix. (Serve it up, Sheila)
Drink it quick - Cindy, shit
Where'd u get that beauty mark?
Maybe u and I should be undressing

Don't all girls look the same? They don't?
Oh, what a shame.
Cindy, Cindy. I'll pay the usual fee
What's the matter, don't u like me?

(help me tell me what it's all about)

I'm talking about a long
crucial wait(Cindy C Listen
Girl, if I have 2 beg (She's so tired)
I'm gonna see u in (Look at me)
your birthday suit tonight (She
doesn't look as good as I do)
I'm sure you're quite intelligent
(U think she does, but think
again. See?)
A whiz at math and all that shit (how 'bout that?)
But I'm, I'm a tad more
interested (Ah ha ha look it,)
(She can't even walk in those shoes)
Find more similar lyrics on can walk better than that)
in flyin' your kite tonight (She can't even dance)
Cindy, is that alright? (I would
give somethin' to know)
(how she ever sees anyone)
(Cindy C)
Oohhh Cindy C, will u play with me?
I'll pay the usual fee

Two organ solos 2 go...

(Oh Cindy C, Oh Cindy C, Oh Cindy C, Oh Cindy C)
(Oh Cindy C, Oh Cindy C, Yeah, Oh
Cindy C, Oohhh Cindy C)
(Oh Cindy C, Oohhh, Oohhh, Oh Cindy C)
(Oh Cindy C, Will u play with me?)
(Oh Cindy C, I will pay the fee)
(Ah Cindy C, Will u play with me?)
(Ah Cindy C, I will pay the fee)

Help me (aaww shit)

Excuse my savoir faire,
But, baby I'm dying 2 take u everywhere (Oh yeah?)
I wanna show u 2 my friends
Because baby, you're the living end (Tell me now)
Let me have a debt worth winning,
I can feel your ice is thinning
Like a frozen pond in spring
Your furry melting thing awaits me
Your furry melting thing awaits me, (Oh Cindy C)
and my six-string (Will u play with me?)

(Cindy, where r u?)
C'mon Cindy (Oh my God)
C'mon Cindy (Wait)
Don't u want 2 play with me? (Ah, yes, no, wait)
Don't u want 2 play with me? (Yes)
What's the matter with me, Cindy? (Nothing)


Oh Cindy C, won't u play with me?

Music is the key 2 set yourself free
From depression, drugs and increasing poverty
The key is 2 the lock, the lock is on the door
The door has a knob that u've never turned before
The jack, use the jack, it opens up the lock
Cuz there's the key 2 unlock the body
Place it like that 2 open up the door
The door 2 the house full of people galore
The beat won't stop 'til the JM jocks
And he jacks the box 'til the party rocks
The clock tick-tocks and the place gets hot
And believe it or not, all the troubles u forgot
It's just that easy if u want it 2 be
For all the fellas, and the young ladies
So ease your mind and set yourself free
2 the mystifying music that we call Cindy C

Oh Cindy C, won't u play with me?
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Prince Rogers Nelson, born June 7, 1958, is an American musician. He is currently performing under the name of Prince, but has also been known by various other names, among them an unpronounceable symbol, usually spelled out as, O(+>, and referred to as the "Love Symbol," which he used as his name between 1993 and 2000.

Few artists have created a body of work as rich and varied as Prince. During the 1980s, he emerged as one of the most provocative talents of the rock & roll era, capable of seamlessly tying together pop, funk, folk, and rock.

Not only did Prince release a series of groundbreaking albums, he toured frequently, produced albums, wrote songs for many other artists, and recorded hundreds of songs that still lie unreleased in his vaults. With each album Prince showed remarkable stylistic growth and musical diversity, by constantly experimenting with different sounds, textures, and genres. Occasionally, his music could be maddeningly .....MORE.....(full Prince biography)

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Lyrics to Cindy c.
by Prince

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