Lyrics to Shawty Throw It Up
by Prince AJ

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[edit]Song titleShawty Throw It Up
[edit]Artist namePrince AJ
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ima do me, you gone' do you.
We can do this thang all night lil' mama.
Shawty what you drank? Ima po' it up.
Poppin' bottles all night, Shawty throw it up.
We can get this thang poppin'
Shawty throw it up.
We can get this thang crackin'
Shawty throw it up.
We can get this thang poppin'
Shawty throw it up.
Repeat 2x

Verse 1
Ajizzle Inda clizub, when I hit the scene all the breezies showin' me
Shawty what's your name? Shawty who you with? If it's you, her, her,
Find more similar lyrics on her then maybe we can flip to the VIP, you and me, embassy suites.
Lil' mama what's the business? You chillin' with an Htown Representer,
Chunkin' up the Dizzub, Yes sir, you already know wasap.


Verse 2
I'm something like a playa, my game is stunnin' Haters I see you later
for now I'm chasing money. Shawty where you going? After the club?
We can be shoning, shoning.
(ayo ayo) up in the drop top, Inda parking lot.
Girl you won't stop and I won't stop. So what it do shawty? You and your
crew shawty? Doing it big, we living the lavish life.

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Lyrics to Shawty Throw It Up
by Prince AJ

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