Lyrics to God Only Knows
by Pro-Pain

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[edit]Song titleGod Only Knows
[edit]Artist namePro-Pain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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hate is like a fire
burning in my head
you are my desire
as i desire you dead
please don't ask me questions
because i can only lie
and the hunt will never end
as long, as long as my love
my love, you deny

gather round kids, gather
all round the campfire
as i hunt you down in the
night like a vampire
Find more similar lyrics on the story goes - the fire
burns to the black
and god only knows if
you're ever coming back

oh, i can feel your presence
breathing in my air
in the midst of nervous laughter
i can sense that you're aware
somewhere in these clouded thoughts
there lies a peaceful man
and you are all i seek
until i find you
i will swear to walk the land
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Lyrics to God Only Knows
by Pro-Pain

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