Lyrics to Iraqnophobia
by Pro-Pain

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[edit]Song titleIraqnophobia
[edit]Artist namePro-Pain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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miles and miles of soldiers deployed on foreign sand
fighting for your freedom your oil and your land
technology is efficient when bark turns to bite
so wake up america, stand up for your rights

oh say can't you see that the conscience in me
said go back
when the clouds in the skies and the tears in my eyes
turned to black
there's a fear i may die in a chemical weapons attack
iraq - nophobia

massife destruction from coalition planes
pulverize the enemy, bashing in their brains
Find more similar lyrics on agony is unparalleled yet they beg for more
we've only just begun so sit back, enjoy the war

oh say can't you see that the conscience in me
said go back
when the clouds in the skies and the tears in my eyes
turned to black
there's a fear i may die in a chemical weapons attack
iraq - nophobia

torturing prisoners, flashbacks of nam
brainwashing moslems from central command
you can't stop the punishment, signals are jammed
mohammed's no match for the great uncle sam
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Lyrics to Iraqnophobia
by Pro-Pain

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