Lyrics to Shreds of Dignity
by Pro-Pain

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[edit]Song titleShreds of Dignity
[edit]Artist namePro-Pain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Once is enough
Enough to make all the crazed insane
Pretending we're tough we drive all
night through the pouring rain
And for what?
A chance to gain us an ounce of respect?
All that we got are faces to save and some pride to protect
And now ... we got such a long way to go

Places to see
Fewer - the faces you know
Find more similar lyrics on is at hand with never a moment to question or doubt
Vent all we can the need to discuss ehat the plan is about
Dues and the debts
The debts are cleared and the dues they were
paid in no regrets for the grounds
that we laid and the points that were made
And now ... is nothing more left to be said?

I'm hating myself for blaming the thoughts in my head
Never again shall they leave us for dead
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Lyrics to Shreds of Dignity
by Pro-Pain

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