Lyrics to Stand Tall
by Pro-Pain

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[edit]Song titleStand Tall
[edit]Artist namePro-Pain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can hear a voice inside
itâs telling me to try to hold on
I tried to give it up
but then you put me back to where I belong
now faced with a bitter rival
and it's a matter of street survival
we must all be subjected to the
words we don't want to hear

it was a game, now it's a war
were not ashamed to want some more
stand tall

Find more similar lyrics on to prepare the masses
to counter what they had us believe
bust heads and kick some asses
cause it's the best to give than to receive
breakdown these walls together
cause silly words won't last forever
we must escape the past
can't spin our wheels to make it last

that's why the game was never won
it's all the same when said and done
stand tall
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Lyrics to Stand Tall
by Pro-Pain

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