Lyrics to Too Much Between us
by Procol Harum

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[edit]Song titleToo Much Between us
[edit]Artist nameProcol Harum
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Brooker / Trower / Reid)

There's you, you're sleeping over there
whilst me I'm sitting here
with so much sea between us
I can't make it much more clear
There'll be no time for crying
We won't make it more than six
I could change my plea to guilty
but I don't think it would stick
Still those other ratings far too easy to despise
You've said so much in silence
now I truly am disguised
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Let him who fears his heart alone
stand up and make a speech
For him perhaps an emperor's throne
if he could only speak
Far too few and far to follow
For shame I'll heed the cry
Be with me when I need a drink
be with me when I die
Still those other ratings far too easy to despise
You've said so much in silence
now indeed I am disguised
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Lyrics to Too Much Between us
by Procol Harum

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