Lyrics to Crash
by Project Pitchfork

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[edit]Song titleCrash
[edit]Artist nameProject Pitchfork
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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this morning
you got up early
I was still sleeping
I was exhausted
I was having dreams
that had blood in them
that had
weapons in
wet dreams
wet dreams
I woke up crying
you were gone
last night you
kissed me
I pushed you away
my push made you want
kiss me again - no
I pushed you away
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and kissed
get off me
get off me
last night I got up
didn't wash
I was wet with acrid
sweat that doesn't
smell like sex
smells like
anger and fear
smells like
anger and fear
my dear!
smells like
anger and fear
my dear!
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Lyrics to Crash
by Project Pitchfork

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