Lyrics to Slum Elementz
by Proof & D12 & Kon Artis & Mudd 5 Ela & T-3 Slum Village

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[edit]Song titleSlum Elementz
[edit]Artist nameProof
[edit]FeaturingD12 & Kon Artis & Mudd 5 Ela & T-3 Slum Village
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chorus 2X: Kon Artis
It's however, it's whatever you like
If you that nigga tryna get ahead and you know you right
I see the Henny and I guess it's aight
Cause it ain't have the bars then take a step of your life

Yeah I stepped out the background when my nigga Dilla left
Didn't see the full picture, maybe just a rough sketch
Didn't know the dude for real, they knew a silhouette
Small portion who I was when I turned and looked back
Had a few tools, had to learn to work that
Plus they cut a nigga out, say I wasn't worth jack
The trials of your man, I'm not complainin
I'm sayin the truth y'all exactly how it's layin
So when you see me don't think it was easy
Things wasn't fair to me, your man T-Threezy
I had to work to eat, I wasn't supposed to be
I did a flow like boats on seas
Now I'm the captain of my own destiny
I stand at the edge of this shit, control my feats
I rearrange things that could've remained bleak
Cause you ain't doin the same, don't mean you should hate me


Damn, it's hard hustlin with your crew
when you the head of your troops and dudes don't wanna grow up
Attitude is so what, nig's out here killin 'em
Dude's draggin his feet, I ain't got time to deal with him
Look at the time dime, how many years it's been
since we moved back from Brooklyn?
You lookin sorry dawg, pardon me I'm
Find more similar lyrics on mans, this ain't no diss
But I don't see no good in you if you don't handle yo' biz
Yo' angle is, is bored and stubborn
Quick to say fuck whoever and still want somethin for nothin
Streets talked about your loose lips, remember when Proof flipped
Threw a cassette tape at you, you ain't do shit
Exactly, I woulda been scrappin if that was me
When the Feds came to swoop you turned your back on T
I ain't sayin you snitch but your actions are smellin like fish
You still smackin your bitch, too old to be actin like this
Man chill


I ain't tryin to find no blame, or make excuses
I figured y'all slept so long I'll wake the rooster
I love hip-hop and just makin music
In the "8 Mile" flick I was portrayed as Future
On the set I was due, where's the rest of my crew
for the movie, this is truly our destiny dude
I'm like Shady is my team, maybe it's a dream
It seems I'm bein choked like Radio Raheem
P knew it when G-Unit all got deals
Imagine a muscle have to hustle, that's why it feel
I'm walkin out of different people office still
This ain't a diss, this is just talkin real
Toy soldier, wonderin how they coffin feel
My homie put me on 'em but I got up off them pills
Got a boss appeal, you can call me Malphie{?}
But ask 'em all how where the fuck what
they'd be without me - Proof

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Lyrics to Slum Elementz
by Proof & D12 & Kon Artis & Mudd 5 Ela & T-3 Slum Village

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