Lyrics to Through a Winter Landscape
by Prophanity

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[edit]Song titleThrough a Winter Landscape
[edit]Artist nameProphanity
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music:Olsson, Malmstrom
/ Lyrics:Olsson

Through a white winter landscape
So cold of ice and snow
I ride with the wind
I ride with the storm
I am the chosen one
Leaded by the sign
Before the dawn breaks through
I have to reach my goal

I was born pagan
With purity in my blood
I fight against jesus
Find more similar lyrics on fight against God
I am a pagan warrior
Chosen to tell the truth
In the lies of Jehova
People will drown eternally

As a son of Odin
As a brother to Thor
I live with pride
I live with honour
I am a heathen man
A man without no fear
The spirits of the ancient gods
Will never fade and die
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Lyrics to Through a Winter Landscape
by Prophanity

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