Lyrics to To Hangatyr
by Prophanity

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[edit]Song titleTo Hangatyr
[edit]Artist nameProphanity
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music:Magnusson / Lyrics:Jarrebring

Hung in a tree far above
Bleeding for a heathen spear
Sacrificed to Hangatyr
The wolfs howl, the ravens flee
Screams of anguish
Writhe in despair and fear
Their hopes of an arrival
To the land beyond the ocean
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A life on the knees
You're better off dead
Your life is fading
Take your last breath
Call upon the gods
Summon the king of the hanged
A last wish to enter the mighty halls
Of all the fallen heroes
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Lyrics to To Hangatyr
by Prophanity

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