Lyrics to B Side Wins Again
by Public Enemy

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[edit]Song titleB Side Wins Again
[edit]Artist namePublic Enemy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So here we go, y'all
Little by little you know
We got the power
And the knowledge to move 'em
And still rock

A super song for the cause so
Feel the load on your brain for the episode
And we just begun, it's number one, y'all
Brother Black, the B is back so check it out

And 'ya don't, I won't, if 'ya still, I will
Take 3 jams and hold 'em, this what I told 'em
To rock the other side, the sucker lied
Said, he would shock but never tried

And so I took 'em away, I never stayed, y'all
Called the Flavor Flav to make another record
To get played, he made a jam to get you stammed
Back to back in the place where the suckers are basin'

Whatever it takes to make it hardcore, we gonna roll it raw
That's what you but it for, c'mon
You roll in your ride, the DJ decides
To play it on the radio, the A side

He gives it a try but never gives it a try
And the people request the best on the B side
Food for the brain, beats for the feet
People on the dance floor, never claimin' a receipt

Had a good time rockin', rollin' on the go rhyme
The rhythm supplied by the superior B side
They had to twist and turn and shout
Find more similar lyrics on the jam out, getcha' ready now, c'mon

The situation put you in to where you're sweatin' in
Hysterical B side, c'mon inside
Request the best to give a test and never give a rest

Your guess is good as my guess
And while I'm guessin' you're guessin', yo listen this is
A DJ to play to give a lesson and his name is Terminator X

And the sucker on the right gets cynical
'Cause the record's to the left and political
And you search the stores
Attack the racks with your claws

For the rebels without a pause
'Cause the B side wins again, again, again
Yo Black, some of you are all in
To make sure the crowd

Get loud wit' it on the dance floor
'Cause the B is pure sure
You never knew the crowd was this hype
But you thought we was that type

To start a riot, we ain't quiet
Kickin' a thunderstorm with a song
Why would we dare you to come along
Pump up the music, pump the sound?

Once again we gonna do it like this now
And while I'm throwin', you're goin'
And you know it's time for man on a mission
To listen 'cause he's in the house, he's Terminator X
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Lyrics to B Side Wins Again
by Public Enemy

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