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Hazy Shade of Criminal by Public Enemy

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[edit]Song titleHazy Shade of Criminal
[edit]Artist namePublic Enemy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ridenhour - Drayton - The JBL -
Robertz - Gary G-Wiz

Reach uppity reach gotta reach
Power to the people & the beats
Some people accuse some people of crimes
Some people get away wit' losin' my rhyme
They don't like where I'm comin' from
So dey play dumb
Dumb diggetty dumbb diggetty dumb
But I'm tellin' you what they do
Play a fool
While the real thief cools in a pool
He who got the finger on the war button
Talkin' loud ain't sayin' nuttin
TV got 'em bigger than life
All he needs is a knife
Who's the criminal?

To the blind def & dumb
Hard to see 'em comin'
Don't be dumb diggety dumb
Politikin' writin' bad checks
Still dey gettin' wreck
Goin' fo' a nigga neck
Rollin' in a blue 'n' white gang
Ready to bang biggedy bang
Hangin' 'round da hangin' rope
Nope n-o-p-e
I ain't bendin' for the soap
Never understood why the 'hood
Half od who's in da joint
Now dey got me losin' my point
Gotta have it goin' on
Born criminal born

Take a piece of America back
But who had it first
Hear the indian curse

Robbed & stole so many so much
It ain't funny
Now who got 'em face on money

Find more similar lyrics on passin' a bill paid in full
C-note rockin' in a pocket
How they livin' makin' sure they
Lockin' us up I got a feelin' I'm...

When it come to somethin' we say
What dey don't like is a brother like me
On da mike

In fact to the gritty ain't none of us wack
Noriega had back

Jeffrey Dahmer enter the room without cuffs

How the hell do we set stuffed
In da back of a cell
On an isle
Ain't it wild
What's a criminal?

Only if I had one more time to kick
The rhythm that keep rippin' down the door
So the real crominals get
exposed behind the clothes
Doors 'n' the suits that
make 'n' break da law

Lookin' for my own 'cause I had enuff bull
I can't understand it must be crooked
Way they planned it

Police supposed to keep the peace
But I can't truss 'em
So I keep my piece
Loaded & cocked
'Cause I don't miss the block
I'm talkin' about the ones
who don't get chained to
the rock
While we go away for the neighborhood crime
Never liked what I saw in the law
Indiana tress hangin' us instead of leaves
We hangin' the rope
Real criminals...
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Hazy Shade of Criminal by Public Enemy

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