Lyrics to No Defense
by Pulley

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[edit]Song titleNo Defense
[edit]Artist namePulley
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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conflict and jeopardy, i avoid confrontation,
i can't dream up the reasons
why you try to extrude my confidence.
i have no defense,
givin me no motive to stab me in the back,
i've only been your friend for years
and years to come. is it a joke,
cause i'm not laughing,
well i guess it is cause i'm still standing.
Find more similar lyrics on free to take hits on me
and don't worry about an apology
cause it makes you feel good to stand your ground.
when it comes to playing my game,
you know i'm outta my league.
tongue-tied battered and reversed,
i can't get up to speed,
if i make the rules, you break, feel .
like a fool who's been taken through the ringer.
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Lyrics to No Defense
by Pulley

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