Lyrics to How Could you
by Punchline

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[edit]Song titleHow Could you
[edit]Artist namePunchline
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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How could you do this to me
I gave you every little thing that I could
You had me singing forever
Just like I knew you would

I refuse to get a grip
Whats the point when life is
stripped more than it ever was
Its time to turn a leaf over but I
don’t see any trees or leaves

Why set something free with no
reason to let it go
It must not be meant to be

How could you do this to me
Find more similar lyrics on gave you every little thing that I could
You had me singing forever
Just like I knew you would

So you figure you’d stop by
Well I appreciate the push back to a point a
For a few days at least
When you figure it makes a fig
out of you and re but
What's that really mean
It means you should leave

Why set it all free
With no reason to let it go
It must not be meant to be.
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Lyrics to How Could you
by Punchline

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