Lyrics to Fear the Grand Inquisitor
by Pungent Stench

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[edit]Song titleFear the Grand Inquisitor
[edit]Artist namePungent Stench
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Castile and Aragon
Was his domain
Grand inquisition
over all of Spain
He settled the appeals
Made to the Holy See
The fear of death
forced foes to pee

Witchfinding tribunals
High council hearing
Let Heretics and
Jews the
inquisition bearing
Hammer of Heretics
Light of Spain
Death by fire the
Inquisitors campaign

Come on witch
Burn for sin and
dance the Lambada
Now listen bitch
Fear my name -
Tomas Torquemada
De Torquemada
Burn bitch burn
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Impenitent sinner
Flogged to death
Burned at the stake to
the last breath
Auto da Fe
Wanna save your life
then hide or run

Senor Inquisidor
No mercy for them
Torture, confess
and then condemn
Edict of expulsion
Converso and Jew
Sangre Limpia - total
death to Hebrew

Burn Jew burn
No return
On the stake and burn
Remember my name
Tomas Torquemada
Grand Inquisitor
Final visitor
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Lyrics to Fear the Grand Inquisitor
by Pungent Stench

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