Lyrics to Lynndie (She-Wolf of abu Ghraib)
by Pungent Stench

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[edit]Song titleLynndie (She-Wolf of abu Ghraib)
[edit]Artist namePungent Stench
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey boys have you heard the news
There's a new girl in town
She like's to play with your cock
If your skin is brown
Some migth say she's a dyke
But to me she's a dame
Domination is her fascination
And Lyndie is her name

She'll put you on a leash
And drag you around the floor
And pound a broom stick
All the way up your back door
Gang bang with the chain gang
'Cause there is no taboo
She loves to strip you down
And smear your body with her poo

Vulgarized - sodomized - I confess
Tie me up - knock me down - merciless

Find more similar lyrics on, slap, torture, bust
Sex, joy, pleasure, lust
Whips, dogs, wire, chains
Sniff your panty stains

Leash girl when you come for me
Would you be so kind
Make sure to bring you scourge
And paddle my behind
Then throw me on a pile
With the other naked men
Let loose your dogs on me
And beat me up again

Vulgarized - sodomized - I confess
Tie me up - knock me down - merciless

Burn my skin - break my
chin - and distress
Tie me up - knock me down - spank my ass
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Lyrics to Lynndie (She-Wolf of abu Ghraib)
by Pungent Stench

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