Lyrics to Son of Fate
by Pyogenesis

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[edit]Song titleSon of Fate
[edit]Artist namePyogenesis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Sweet X-Rated
Nothings/Waves Of Erotasia"
edition bonus track

Music: Flo V. Schwarz / Lyrics: T. Eiermann

My heart weeps, tears of black
birds, reborn in silence
And I bleed, and I bleed
I will rise the god born snakes, open their veins
And they bleed, and they bleed

Son of darkness, son of lies, flown upon
The praise, the kingdom - in flames
Love the love my world is my name

Through the blood I will rise
Unspoken words, your sadistic ways
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Son of Fate, believe in hate
Let them bleed, the end, don't hesitate
Son of fate

Give peace and open your mind
This love you will find
Like anyone I will

Son of Fate, believe in hate
Let them bleed, the end, don't hesitate
Son of fate, Schwarz

Son of fate

Son of darkness, son of lies, flown upon
The praise, the kingdom - in flames
Love the love my world is my name
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Lyrics to Son of Fate
by Pyogenesis

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