Lyrics to Weeds
by Queen Adreena

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[edit]Song titleWeeds
[edit]Artist nameQueen Adreena
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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K.J.Garside / C.Gray

There is an anger comes off this girl,
That she can't find an origin,
The things I plant won't grow,
Yet the wild weeds flower in wind and snow.

Nothing to be nothing to prove,
Nowhere to go nothing to lose.

Find more similar lyrics on will my season come,
Was I born of infertile soil,
Is my seed without song,
Can I not see the woods for
these forests in my head,
Can I not see the sunlight as I play dead?

Nothing to be nothing to prove,
Nowhere to go nothing to lose.
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Lyrics to Weeds
by Queen Adreena

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