Lyrics to Homesick
by Queen Bee

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[edit]Song titleHomesick
[edit]Artist nameQueen Bee
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Six hours behind, the changes of tI´me
Ten thousand miles from home
I'm so far away, so long it seems like
This road is all I know
When I was young I dreamed of adventure
And places I'd never seen before
But when I close my eyes and sleep at night
All I dream of now is home

So long, that I've been gone
If there's one thing I know
Is that there's no place like home
Far away, it changes everyday
If there's one thing I know
Is that there's no place like home

Six months since the day I went away
It didn't seem like that long
It hit me when I was changing planes
From Paris to New York
I'm dreading the days that are ahead
I haven't slept in my own bed
Oooh, I'm dreamin' of home
What I've seen and what I've done
Don't mean a thing without where I come from
Who I am and all I ever did
Home is where the heart is
(where the heart is)
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So long, that I've been gone
If there's one thing I know
Is that there's no place like home
Far away, it changes everyday
If there's one thing I know
Is that there's no place like home

Call me, tell me that you miss me
Give me somethin, I can
hold onto the days when I had
... to take another moment
I need some clarity
Remind me what it's like to be
There's no place like ho-o-ome

Far away
There is not place like home
I wanna go home, home, home
(I know, I know, I know, I
know, I know)
Bring me back home, home, home (He-e-e-ey)
Home, Home

So long, that I've been gone
If there's one thing I know
Is that there's no place like home
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Lyrics to Homesick
by Queen Bee

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