Lyrics to Suture up Your Future
by Queens of the Stone Age

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[edit]Song titleSuture up Your Future
[edit]Artist nameQueens of the Stone Age
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm gonna suture up my future,
I ain't jaded, I just hate it.
See, I been down too long,
It's kinda hard to explain.
Done and buried all I carried.
All my evil is through a needle,
As it pull through the eye,
What was and what will are now gone.

Don't sweat it,
Thread it, to forget it.
To feel like you've already gone on,
To the rest of,
The rest of the life that you've got.
Take a picture and bury it all away,
Bury it all,

Tried to fake it, I just can't take it.
Find more similar lyrics on don't care if it hurts,
Just so long as it's real.
I won't waste it, turned to face it,
I'd sharpened a knife, then used it,
Until bone made it dull.
Tried explaining, done explaining,
I got caught in the plaid,
All of this talking at once.
I've been giving my love away,
To the things that tear it apart,
I'm gonna suture up my future.

Thread it, to forget it,
To feel like you've already gone on,
To the rest of,
The rest of the life that you've got,
Tie the loose ends and bury it all away,
It's like this, its like this...
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Lyrics to Suture up Your Future
by Queens of the Stone Age

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