Lyrics to London
by Queensryche

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[edit]Song titleLondon
[edit]Artist nameQueensryche
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It was November 4th
I last held your hand
It seemed our time would last forever
You said don't ever leave
I thought you'd never go
I wish I could just
remember your name...

You're just a memory now
Like all the ones before
But with your pain I've had to suffer
Your eyes alight with flame
As the picture burns
I hear the screams from long ago

They cry remember, blood-red streaks on
velvet throats at night
The streetlights fanned
our trail of fame

London London
The memories will never leave me
London London
All I see is you
London London
Find more similar lyrics on cries in the night
Keep bringing me toLondon London
Calling out to me

Oh there's some things in
life I could never face
The worst is being alone
Sometimes I wish I could
have taken your
place my love
You know I don't want to live forever

Oh let me see you standing in
theshadows once again
We'll walk the streets like long ago in

London London
The fire in your eyes will
be bringing me to
London London
All I need is you
The cries in the night
keep ringing on in
London London
Calling out to you
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Lyrics to London
by Queensryche

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