Lyrics to Danny Vapid
by Queers

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[edit]Song titleDanny Vapid
[edit]Artist nameQueers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Leader of the Methadones and the Mopes, too.
Wears a Green Day hat; he don't watch the news.
He's rough; he's tough; he's fun to have around.
He ain't no fucking clown.
He's Danny Vapid, the punk rocker - oh yeah!

Danny Vapid ain't no faggot.
Danny Vapid ain't no faggot.
Danny Vapid ain't no faggot.
And he's okay to me.

I'm so sick of hearing stupid
Find more similar lyrics on flying around.
One more fucking time, and
someone's head'll get a pound.
You phony kids, go listen to your ska.
Get beat up by your ma.
Soon you'll be a stupid, college asshole
Like your heroes.

Danny Vapid ain't no faggot.
Danny Vapid ain't no faggot.
Danny Vapid ain't no faggot.
But he's okay to me.
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Lyrics to Danny Vapid
by Queers

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