Lyrics to Noodle Brain
by Queers

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[edit]Song titleNoodle Brain
[edit]Artist nameQueers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sittin' drinkin' a brew.
trying not to think of you
I think you suck - you acted like a slut
Did you ever really like me
I think I know the answer
Fuck you
Well listen up - this stupid song's for you
You're a noodle brain and I hate you
You're a noodle brain you're ugly
You're a noodle brain you're so stupid
Find more similar lyrics on're a noodle brain just like me
Sittin' drinkin' a brew and I'm
feeling like a stooge
You're the reason why I drank
all that beer last night
Did you ever really like me
I think I know the answer
Fuck you
Well listen up - this is what I think you
Chorus x2
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Lyrics to Noodle Brain
by Queers

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