Lyrics to Backward
by Quicksand

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[edit]Song titleBackward
[edit]Artist nameQuicksand
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's all backward
It's all bad word said to me by you
How you misunderstand
All, wrapped up in yourself
Fall, who will pick you up

Walking backward
This is my mistake, my mistake
This is my mistake, my mistake

I'm sorry dear
I wish I could read your mind
It's my fault, how I misunderstand
Now, don't go changing
Trying to please me it will never work
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Walking backward
This is my mistake
Always backward
This is my mistake, my mistake

I can feel this next
Upcoming crisis will be our last one
I swear
I swear

Walking backward
Walking backward
Walking backward
This is my mistake
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Lyrics to Backward
by Quicksand

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