Lyrics to Down and Dirty
by Quiet Riot

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[edit]Song titleDown and Dirty
[edit]Artist nameQuiet Riot
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She's a dancing girl who
brings up the heat
Hits on all the men
She knows how to move
and make you feel
Like you want to get into sin

A chocolate bar was going really far
Really made me catch my breath
So she had an unordinary glance
I got down tools in the chest

Down and dirty
You're down and dirty, alright
She's down and dirty
You're down and dirty

She twisted her ass around drinks
While the dirty works
the girl's booty
Whispered in my ear
what I want to hear
Says, "Come with me
baby, let's play."

She went to the back to get her traps
My sixth sense was bothering me
She came to work and
something I heard
Makes me want to get comfy

Down and dirty
She's down and dirty, alright
Get down and dirty
Get down (Listen)
Down and dirty

Ooh yeah

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Something I've never known before
Leather and lace is
all that I can see
I lost my power of will
You know she should be still
Never thought I'd get hit
by some teen, no

I start to bleed, have mercy on me
I'm feelin' a bit distressed
What you're doing to me is so obscene
Got myself into a mess

She started to dance, I
grabbed my pants
Found my way to the door
Hot on my trail, a thousand females
Saying, "Baby, more
more more!"

Down and dirty
(Hurt me)
Down and dirty
(Well, well, well)
Down and dirty
(Oh yeah)
Get down and dirty
(She is)

Get down (Down)
Get dirty (Dirty)
Take me down (Alright)

One more

Get down (Oh yeah)
Get dirty (Turn around)
Get down (Come over here)
Down and dirty

Come back for more, ya hear? Hah!
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Lyrics to Down and Dirty
by Quiet Riot

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