Lyrics to Mama's Little Angels
by Quiet Riot

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[edit]Song titleMama's Little Angels
[edit]Artist nameQuiet Riot
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When mommy's around we're the cutest
little darlings, polite...
We're squeaky clean
We do the chores in the house,
as quiet as a mouse
Better kids you've never seen

Yes we are mama's little angels
Yes we are mama's little angels
You know we are mama's little angels

As soon as mom leaves for work
Out come the paint cans, start
to spray it on the wall
That's getting boring
Go get the bats
Gonna have us some indoor ball

Yes we are mama's little angels
Yes we are mama's little angels
You know we are mama's little angels
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Well, Randy's up to bat.
Gonna hit me a home run

Sorry 'bout that
Outside, ball one

We lost our ball, let's have
some fun with the dishes
Oops, we ain't doin' too well
When mommy gets home, she won't blame it on us
She knows that we're really swell

Yes we are mama's little angels
Yes we are mama's little angels
You know we are mama's little angels

Yes we are mama's little angels
Yes we are mama's little angels
You know we are mama's little angels
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Lyrics to Mama's Little Angels
by Quiet Riot

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