Lyrics to War on the Pentagon - Part 1 & 2
by Quintessentials

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[edit]Song titleWar on the Pentagon - Part 1 & 2
[edit]Artist nameQuintessentials
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There they go.
(Corporate War)
Off to fight.
(Corporate War)
Not for King.
(Corporate War)
Not for country.
(Corporate War)
Of self preservation.
(Corporate War)
Or the nation.
(Corporate War)
War on the pentagon.
War on the pentagon.

We fight in Africa.
(Corporate War)
In the Gulf.
(Corporate War)
No war in Bosnia.
(Corporate War)
Got no oil.
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War on the pentagon.
War on the pentagon.

War on the pentagon.
War on the pentagon.

Too many promises unfulfilled.
Too many good men
have been killed.
The hypocrites won't
take the blame.
Just like Pontious Pilot.
They wash their hands again.
Nine little Indians
standing in line.
One got shot, then
there were none.
Seems like no one
takes the heed,
and the bottom line is
the worlds full of greed.
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Lyrics to War on the Pentagon - Part 1 & 2
by Quintessentials

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