Lyrics to Freak Dat Body
by R. Kelly

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[edit]Song titleFreak Dat Body
[edit]Artist nameR. Kelly
Robert Sylvester Kelly
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Baby, Baby Lemme See You Freak Dat Body, Body Baby x4
Yeah Baby, Lemme See You Freak Dat Body
Let Your Booty Shake, But Don't Let Cha Back Break.
Baby, You Got Skills. Uh So Step Right Up & Let The R. Get A Feel.
I Wanna See You Dance To A Mid Tempo, You Can Stroke Your Body & Make It Look So Simple
You Kept The Wop In Style
By Bobbing Your Head, While Your Booty Goes Wild.
3 to 4 Fellas Circling All Around You, Hoping They'll Get The Chance To Freak You
And Your Body's Steady Humping, You Make The DJ Wanna Keep The Party Jumping Baby

Baby, Baby Lemme See You Freak Dat Body, Body Baby x4 (Freak It Baby, Uh)
Yeah, I Love To See Your Daisy Dukes Start The Shakin'
Win The Straight Contest Is Bringin' Home The Bacon
You Got The Body That The Song Likes To Shine On
The Kind That Makes The Fellas Wanna Put The Mack On
And Your Not Afraid To Get Next To, Guys When It's Time To
Sex The Pootang
Freakin' Me All Day, Freakin' Me All Night Making The R. Feel So Right
Find more similar lyrics on, Cause That's The Way I Like It Baby
You Know You Make Me Wanna Shout, You're Driving Me Crazy
Uh Now Let Me See You Freak It Baby

Baby, Baby Lemme See You Freak Dat Body, Body Baby x4 (Freak It Baby, Uh)
Now Here's An Invitation, Too A Pool Party
I Got Drinks, Just Don't Forget To Bring Ya Body
I Wanna See Ya Hips Swingin'
Now Baby Bend Ova So I Can See You G-Stringin'
I Can Hear The Music Pumpin', The Parties Jumpin', Oh You're Sumthin'
Slapping Ya Butt While I Stroke You With My Stroker
Im With The Jimmy Hats Because I Don't Play Poker
Now How Bout A Drink On Me?
Well How Bout My Body On You? (Baby)
Well Can't We Just Both Be Alone
Uh Lemme See You Freak It Baby

Baby, Baby Lemme See You Freak Dat Body, Body Baby x4 (Freak It Baby, Uh)
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Lyrics to Freak Dat Body
by R. Kelly

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