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Green Light by R. Kelly

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[edit]Song titleGreen Light
[edit]Artist nameR. Kelly
Robert Sylvester Kelly
[edit]FeaturingBeanie Sigel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Who da f**k can stop us n***az, it's gangsta n***az
It's gangsta! Woo! It's gangsta n***a!
All g-g-gangsta n***a, uhh!

R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
R Go go, go-go-go, go
J You got the green light to drag your motherf**kin mink
R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
J Throw your pinkie ring high in the motherf**kin air
R Go go, go-go-go, go
J Drop your top, c'mon!

R. Kelly + (Jay-Z)
Now I done told y'all n***az once before
y'all don't know who you f**kin wit
Y'all gon' f**k around and make me come up out this music biz
(Don't make me..)
This just a record deal, y'all motherf**kers been on some s**t
Bite my style, tryin to get rich, so I decided to flip my s**t
Bene-fit me like a tight outfit, like Mr. Biggs' about to have a fit
It's, a, bout, to, be, some, s**t (please believe it)
See vin-dawg, and dre-shal, got a n***a real open y'all
I see haters peepin me, lookin hard like a pu-ssy
Same fight, different round; same circus, different clown
Same pussy, different town; assholes how you like me now?
Kel' and Jigga, the best of both n***az
Put two heads together, mean mo' figures (ha)
Word to Tigger, put me off up in the "Bassment"
with the rest of the rap n***az, watch ratings get bigger
I'm a pimp of this music, the tracks be my hoes
Sisqo, don't make me kick you out like Devoe
Haters left, players right.. green light

R Go go, go-go-go, go
J You have the green light to be as pimp as you want to
R Go go, go-go-go, go
R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
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R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
R Go go, go-go-go, go
R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
J Oh dis gangsta!
R Go go, go-go-go, go
J It's so muh'f**kin gangsta!

Psycho, like no, bitch-ass n***az
don't wanna see the R.O.C. so you creep low
Shoot from the line like a free throw
With this 'nali of mine like a Pi-co
Leave n***az far behind like a cheap hoe
On my grind every time that you see Hov'
Yeah I got it, come and get it, green light go (go)
Red dot I stop ya, yellow n***az move slow

Beanie Sigel
Red dot I got 'em, tell that n***a move slow
Head shots pop 'em when I let the uz' go
He done told fool..
Dunn think Dunn loc'in when a gun smokin
Tell Dunn I been gun-totin
He don't know he facin death
Hockey mask on Jason's step
Don't make me pop past your Raisinette
You n***az cow-ass
You bulls**t, I pull s**t, and keep a full clip

R Go go, go-go-go, go
R Go go, go-go-go, go
R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
R Go go, go-go-go, go
R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
R Go go, go-go-go, go
R Green light - go go, go-go-go, go
R Go go, go-go-go, go
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Green Light by R. Kelly

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