Lyrics to Dreams v. me
by Race the Sun

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[edit]Song titleDreams v. me
[edit]Artist nameRace the Sun
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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we chose this path and we tread
new steps a new route
vowing to hike the hills and dull the edges
tips blistered and calloused
even though we fuel our dream
eyes strained new shades of red
we thought we could
we'll plant our feet into the ground
to never be washed away
Find more similar lyrics on don't back down just yet
or blow this flame out
we'll tend to these scars with art carved in our arms
in a world too thoughtless to empty
pockets for beggar's hands
starving, left cold and alone
and we'll chant our lungs pushed
out upon those believing
in this one word of mouth/we leave no one behind
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Lyrics to Dreams v. me
by Race the Sun

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