Lyrics to The Trickster
by Radiohead

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[edit]Song titleThe Trickster
[edit]Artist nameRadiohead
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lost in the mountain
Rust in my brain
The air is sacred here
In spite of your claim

Up on the rooftops
Out of reach
Trickster is meaningless
Trickster is weak

He's talking out the world
Talking out the world

Hey, hey, hey
This is only halfway
Hey, hey, hey
This is only halfway

I wanted you so bad
That I couldn't say
All these things fall apart

We wanted out so bad
We couldn't say
Find more similar lyrics on things fall apart

We're talking out the world
Talking out the world

Hey, hey, hey
This is only halfway
Hey, hey, hey
This is only halfway

Truant kids
A can of brick dust worms
Who do not want to climb down from
Their chestnut tree

Long white gloves
Police tread carefully
Escaped from the zoo
The perfect child facsimile is

Talking out the world
Talking out the world
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
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Lyrics to The Trickster
by Radiohead

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