Lyrics to Adoration
by Rage

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[edit]Song titleAdoration
[edit]Artist nameRage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Most people thinking that
the world rules itself
But they are wrong as could be
It's our lord Satan, his demons and beasts
Possess everyone, you will see
Knight of avengeance, you call me from hell
Yes, I will follow your call
In my devotion we conversate well
And my resistance is small

Here you find me alone
Drowned in Adoration
Here my master I crawl
Drowned in Adoration

Don't need no clothes, don't need no food
Don't need to struggle in mud
Just need my prayers chamber under the roof
And a few nibs of warm blood
It's my religion to hunt with the wolfs
Dark at the full moon midnight's
Speak out the spell and make love to the witch
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Here you find me alone
Drowned in Adoration
Here my master I crawl
Drowned in Adoration

Take my advice now, ordain your soul
The high priest is waiting for you
Be my devotee, a hunter of hell
Hear what he wants you to do
Crossing two men bones, dissect chickens guts
With livesblood stained church is our hide
Inhale the inscense, rely on
the night In shelter of
darkness we ride

Here you find me alone
Drowned in Adoration
Here my master I crawl
Drowned in Adoration
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Lyrics to Adoration
by Rage

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