Lyrics to Heartbreaker
by Raging Speedhorn

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[edit]Song titleHeartbreaker
[edit]Artist nameRaging Speedhorn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I tried to be someone
Feelings that i left behind
Tried to take it
Before you're mine
Now we must go
Can't be someone else
Lost in nothing
This time we lose it all

Now I tried to be someone
I fucking hate you
Feelings that I left
You tried to take it
Said you loved me-
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Hell - Now we must go
Freezes over - Can't
be someone else
The sun - Lost in nothing
Goes supernova - This
time we lose it all

Now we must go
Can't be someone else
Lost in nothing
This time we lose it all
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Lyrics to Heartbreaker
by Raging Speedhorn

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