Lyrics to Straight Spittin', Part 2
by Rah Digga

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[edit]Song titleStraight Spittin', Part 2
[edit]Artist nameRah Digga
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This is what I'm dealin', 'bout to make a killin' off illin, off a hydro
Put it on a rapper like they work in El Tambo
Here to make a statement, not on your game
You're gon' catch it like the pavement

'Cause all that blazhay, blaz-ay-hay-hay
And so from this point on we straight spittin', yeah, what

My shit is tight, if not the damn tightest
My stats stay bubblin', how Pepsi and Sprite is
I make a bitch jealous to the point, she wanna slice this
I fuck a nigga's head up like the ex-girl turned dyke bitch

The nicest, on one like unicyclist
With pussy running deeper than stab wounds from ice-picks
Now where you 'bout to take it? Baby I done took it
Some more Digga Digga shit man, look in here
Folks are spittin' rhymes unruly
M.C's for real might catch a hach-tuey

'Cause all that blazhay, blaz-ay-hay-hay
And so from this point on we straight spittin', yeah, what

I push the range on my Pop's beauant-regal
Hang wit' cats, who known for making drug money legal
Dislike you, spit on purpose just to spite you
Heard you like to use your voice, ride on motorcycles

I spit clean versions for under aged rug rats
I spit for Bricks city, where all my real thugs at
I spit shot cause I'm in a bad mood
For when my life wasn't shit but bad weed and fast food
I spit, spit, spit and make executive decisions
Find more similar lyrics on spit some shit for all the scrubs and the pigeons

And best believe where I'm goin' you're a gonner
I spit more rhymes than silicone in California
I spit, spit, spit, for all them jokers at the pool hall
Carrying my daughter on my back just to fool y'all

I meditate, say a prayer with my sensi
I spit on MTV all the way down to your mix tape
Like that, I'm the illest with the mouthpiece
Crazy like South Park and hotter than South Beach

'Cause all that blazhay, blaz-ay-hay-hay
And so, from this point on we straight spittin', yeah, what

I spit shit and leave you scarred like a face lift
I spit for the underground, Hot 97 be the Matrix
One, two, I hit 'em with the basics
Who gon' stay hittin'? Who be straight spittin'?

I take the mic and rock it like what
I make you write, get wrecked tonight, what
'Cause you never heard a honey spit rhymes like
Said you never heard a honey spit rhymes like
In a million years, and a million beers
Said you never heard a honey spit rhymes like

'Cause all that blazhay, blaz-ay-hay-hay
And so from this point on we straight spittin', yeah, what

When you hear a bitch rhyme, raise your lighters
Spittin' on behalf of Flipmode and Outsidaz
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Lyrics to Straight Spittin', Part 2
by Rah Digga

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