Lyrics to Hunger Moon
by Rainmakers

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[edit]Song titleHunger Moon
[edit]Artist nameRainmakers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(S. Phillips, P. Tomek)
Hunger moon shining on a field of snow
There's ice above but a fire down below
Out of the north a cold wind moans
And I'm empty oh so empty
Now there's a fat sacrifice on the alter tonight
A pile of money and an alibi so tight
White-haired regrets a little child's dreams
All lost in the snow on a big TV screen
Never too young too rich or never too thin
Never too hopeless the state I'm in
Lost like the billions too dry to cry
Caught by the camera in history's eye
Hunger moon shining on a field of snow
Ice up above and a fire down below
Find more similar lyrics on want to leave but I just don't know
I'm so empty, oh so empty
Down in the dark we rattle our cages
Moldy basement the book's rotting pages
We're free to go but we can't see the stars
Blinded by the scars where Venus crossed Mars
Can you feel it it's in the cold wind
Like an ocean that we all swim in
It's frightening and new it seems so strange
You can taste it it feels like change
Hunger moon shining on a field of snow
Cracks in the ice let the light show
She says I'll die if I don't grow
But I'm empty, I'm still empty
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Lyrics to Hunger Moon
by Rainmakers

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