Lyrics to Different but the Same
by Raised Fist

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[edit]Song titleDifferent but the Same
[edit]Artist nameRaised Fist
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can you turn away from the TV everyday?
Do you go to bed in time
And do you work the next day?
Can you throw away your cigarettes for good?

Do you say I'm sorry every time you should?
Are you talking shit about anyone you know?
Are you hiding your pornography
So that no one will know?

I'm not better than you
You're not better than me
We don't have to pretend that we're so divine
Let's stop this silly charade
Find more similar lyrics on are what you always going to be

Do you always treat the one you love with respect?
Are you gentle and nice against everything, even insects?
Are you always sober on a weekday?
Are you filling up charity accounts
And are your sponsoring green peace?

If you found a million dollars in a bag
Would you keep them?
Do you buy your computer games
In the store or do you rip them off?
You probably rip them off
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Lyrics to Different but the Same
by Raised Fist

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