Lyrics to Charon
by Raising Fear

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[edit]Song titleCharon
[edit]Artist nameRaising Fear
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The souls are approaching their destinies
Trembling in darkness and lost
By the Acheron river they gather confused
And slowly the ferry arrives
A man silhouette through
the sulfurean mists
On the boat that carries the dead
Its voice comes profoundly
Resounding in the air
In awe the shadows retreat

A figure in black
Fiery and grim
Tall, skinny old man
Charon (lunga e sfuma
sulla prossima parola)

Woe to you
Wicked spirits! Hope not
Find more similar lyrics on to see the sky again
I come to take you
To the other shore across
Into eternal darkness, there to dwell
In fierce heat and in ice

Sighs... lamentations...
Loud Moans... Dispair...

The old man is here to collect them all
Those spirits, faint and
naked, gashing their teeth
Demoniac figure with coal burning eyes
Beckons and strikes with his oar
All those who linger on the
dark wretched strand
Voice outcrying deep and hoars

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Lyrics to Charon
by Raising Fear

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