Lyrics to Morgenstern (Morning Star: English Translation)
by Rammstein

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[edit]Song titleMorgenstern (Morning Star: English Translation)
[edit]Artist nameRammstein
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It is ugly it has a horror, if it looks into the
sky then is afraid the light, seems it from down
in the face in such a way must it on the day
hide, wants the light nevertheless does not
frighten itself lives in the shade to the light
passes sees a star in the twilight prangen and
does not fleht: "mark me beauty on the
cheeks" morning star appears, on the face
mine throws a warm light, on my Ungesicht says to
me I is not alone ugly! You are you, you are ugly
ugly I alone to the night went, the late birds
any longer did not sing saw sun children in the
Gewimmel and in such a way, called I into the
disturbed sky morning star appear, on whom
Find more similar lyrics on ones my throw a warm light, on its
Ungesicht say to it, it is alone morning star do
not appear, on which soul my throw a warm light,
on a heart break say it, which I cry you, you am
you am ugly humans am simply ugly an eye animal,
beautiful things wish nevertheless I nevertheless
you, you am no (morning star appears morning star
appears morning star) morning star do not appear
not beautiful, on the dearest one my throw a warm
light, on its Ungesicht say it, it is not alone
and the star wants to seem, on which dearest one
trembles my during the chest me, where the life
strikes with the heart sees you is beautifully
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Lyrics to Morgenstern (Morning Star: English Translation)
by Rammstein

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