Lyrics to Around
by Ramp

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[edit]Song titleAround
[edit]Artist nameRamp
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Choosing a tape, I settle down the better mood,
Ignition is on ready for my inquietude I step for
the road with no stop inside my head, leaving
behind four walls that almost drove me mad

So taking the wheel, I reveal all my bounds, I
shun I evade, I get lost I get found Cruising I
flee, Getting the, Most profound, I drift and I
fade, Through the road I'm around

Driving around I find myself and all my doubts,
The love and the hate the litle things that Life's
Find more similar lyrics on, So facing the movement, I can keep my mind
away Enough to believe that I can sort things out
and be okay

So taking the wheel, I reveal all my bounds, I
shun I evade, I get lost I get found Cruising I
flee, Getting the, Most profound, I drift and I
fade, Through the road I'm around

So taking the wheel, I reveal I get found, I shun
I evade, Through the road I'm around
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Lyrics to Around
by Ramp

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