Lyrics to The Past Nightmares
by Rapture

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[edit]Song titleThe Past Nightmares
[edit]Artist nameRapture
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Once I got to witness a murder
Blood spattered sheets, it was still a dream
Would I have been reflected from the mirror of yours
when darkness well kept in my lifeless home?
But so much changed since then
when days still stretched into sleepless nights
So much changed since then
Honestly, they will flee and I did always
Find more similar lyrics on but now I am losing myself
to something that in a long run will disappear
The things you fear are always for real and you are losing yourself
The past nightmares bow to none
How could one care how far does the bird fly when
its passing by is so irrelevant?
How could one care how fast does the wind blow when he's
still trapped inside these four corners?
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Lyrics to The Past Nightmares
by Rapture

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