Lyrics to Monster Boots
by Razorlight

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[edit]Song titleMonster Boots
[edit]Artist nameRazorlight
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If lust and longing were all we knew
And love was kissing on the roofing view
Of the office workers and their camera phones
My heart would pump to let you know
That you could take this song, if it's any good at all

Hide it somewhere when your new love calls
And if he asks if you hear his music playing
Tell him it's the rattling of old bolts and chains
That held your heart in but now you're starting
To forget you ever knew me and you won't let me in

If lust and longing were all we knew
And you were someone special, and I was too
For would you take this song, put it on your wall
Hide it somewhere when your lover calls
If he asks if that's music playing
Tell him that the rattling of old bolts and chains

How it went old so quickly but that was long ago
When you could fall in love with every one you know
And consume the songs like DNA
Cut me open and tell me what they'd say

Pierce my skin with your own elbow
Stake Sebastian can tell you what he knows about that
And how it feels, oh ohh, let me in

She says, break the rules now
Talk like you've got nothing to lose
don't dance with nobody else
And he's drunk at the wheel again
Ooh, must've be somewhere with a monster smile
it's way too tight

Let me tell you what I know
she's got to leave this alone
Ohh, find a way out of here
She can still make it home

Find more similar lyrics on we both know longing, how it gets under your skin
But then I saw you making eyes at him
When you can take me over, take it all
Close that distance, smash that door
Beat me up or take my car
One last time before you crawl

But when your lover calls
Under the bed when his bullet falls
If he asks if that's music playing
Tell them that the rattling of old bolts and chains

In the night when you watch it fall
You gotta do now
Is let me in, let me in, let me in

She fixing stubs onto her belly
She walks like she's got nothing to lose
Still she just can't look at no one else

While in the basement there is blood on his knees
Turning to see what she would feel
When everybody has gone home
Let me tell you what I know

We could just leave this alone, ohh
And find a way out of here
He could just make it, her
Incomprehensible in their tongue
And she's in a basement crime
She can't give this much of a fuck again

So she'll go to another with dodgy heels on
Dance with him to the beat of this song
Teach him up not be this much at his hopes
And then just another number on a generation kill
Dance, dance, too much time to kill

And if I see her, I'll tell her you said, hi
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Lyrics to Monster Boots
by Razorlight

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