Lyrics to Devils Child
by Rebellion

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[edit]Song titleDevils Child
[edit]Artist nameRebellion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You call my kind of music devil's work
You say I live in sin but I want it all
I am of Babylon
The pleasures of the flesh
I rule the thunderstorm
I'm preaching rock'n'roll

You call our women the fallen angels
Like sirens they would lure our souls
We are of Babylon hard to satisfy
The seed of evil
Burning out before I die

Don't need your faith your religion
I was born a devil's child
I'm gonna stay the way I am
Free and wild

Find more similar lyrics on't wanna bow my head
I was born a devil's child
I never kneel I'm standing strong
Free and wild

What is right what is wrong
I don't care what you say
Too much blood has been spiled
In the name of the god that you pray
The word is war that you pray

Ruthless liars
Like rats you lead the
dumb who can not see
Into your heaven
Then hell is where I'll choose to be
I'm a devil's child
A devil's child
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Lyrics to Devils Child
by Rebellion

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