Lyrics to I'll Never Be...
by Reel Big Fish

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[edit]Song titleI'll Never Be...
[edit]Artist nameReel Big Fish
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Everybody's lookin' at me, thought I saw my face on MTV
A magazine that she won't read that stole her heart
But it's not my fault, lookin' at my picture
She forgot about her boyfriend, yeah

I'll never be a rock and roll star
I'll never be anything, anything at all
Drive me crazy, can't get away
Somebody tell me, when do we get paid?

Everybody's lookin' at me thought by now I'd be on MTV
Find more similar lyrics on magazine like Seventeen or Rolling Stone
And I won't be alone with your money in my pocket
And my face on your t-shirt, yeah

I'll never be a rock and roll star
I'll never be anything, anything at all
Drive me crazy, can't get away
But I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried every day, every day

Said I'll never be a rock and roll star
I'll never be anything, anything at all
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Lyrics to I'll Never Be...
by Reel Big Fish

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